[Music + video] Race of Enternity – Drakare Abaa

Something unusual is going on, our very own contemporary gospel rapper Drakare Abaa has taken publicity in the industry to a whole now level for the forthcoming #race_of_eternity album.

Download Race of Enternity wallpaper 1

First artiste who brings out express uniqueness as his album releases wallpapers trade marked with the album title, and whole new concept of merchandise for the public to use…

Download Race of Enternity wallpaper 2

A Trendy comic song Race of Eternity is all over within a short period of time making waves and putting the industry in commotion.. All in hype for the album coming this April 2018… You need to see the short video advert.. Lyrically packed for the media wave take over just a tip of the ice berg… Drakare is setting a pace.. Changing the course of the music industry…

Download Race of Enternity wallpaper 3

Let’s watch keep watching.. But you need just take a look at the hyoe video and listen to the catchy tune and just get the wallpapers android show off!!

watch video


Download Race of Enternity Mp3

Download Race of Enternity Video

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