Benue has always made hit songs over the year, but due to the location and the nature of the market, it has been very difficult for any song to break through. We will look at the top 5 songs that should have been popular it was sang in lagos or any other big city.

No 5 Confidential by Maxbilla

This song came with a lot of hyp, with people looking forward to listening to it, and when it finally dropped, it had lived up to the hype with a lot of people giving it a kudos and saying it had lived up to its hype and expectations. The promotion was also massive with the artist doing a listening party and even printing shirts for it promotion. But as sad it always have, the song and the hype died down because of lack of more mediums to push the song more, this was a nice song by all standards.

No 4 Signal by Shogzi

This is the most matured sound on the countdown, you would think it was produced out of nigeria,but it was mixed and mastered in benue state, signal came with a lot of praise with everybody being short of words to describe the quality of the song, but shogzi has always lived up to expectations on his songs and this was also one of them, if the visuals to this piece was out already, he would have been on tour already and would have been talked about by A-list artist in nigeria, but we do hope it still happens anytime soon.

No 3 Dekwaghla by Lampson

Agree with me or not, this is by far the most talked about song in the current era of benue music industry, the hype was next to none, everybody was talking about it on facebook, the artist didn’t imagine it to be this huge, it was in everyone’s face and we all looked forward to it. Then it dropped and they was so much criticism on the song,with a lot of people sharing their views on how they felt the song was, but whether it is pre hype and post hype of this song, they have never been this much trend on a song like this was. If the market was favourable for this artiste, at that time brands and companies would have been looking to associate with the artist but this is benue and no one cares.

No 2 My Case by Jayne phoenix

I know you all may have forgotten about this song already because songs don’t last. But this was one other songs which had people talking a lot, they say she is too good to be from around here,but she is. My case was another hit song out of benue, and it got people talking too,luckily for her she has the visuals out already, so for she might have a edge at hitting stardom cause videos do the magic.

No 1 YOU&ME by Shime Ahua

Arguably the biggest song out of Benue this year, from the delivery from the artist to the instrumentals, even tho she tried to play it safe all through the song, it has by far been the best production out of Benue this year. And it certainly lived up to the hype as it was talked about on Benue facebook a lot before the song finally dropped, when when it dropped and lived up to the hype, they were all praise for the young artist who had just had her debut as an artist from makurdi. If there was a visual to go with this master piece by shime, she would by far by now been on her way to stardom, but you know what they say, it difficult to blow from around here.

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