Unbelievable : There Is A Park In South Korea That Is Full Of Giant P *nises … Check It Out (Photos )

A park in a South Korean city which is filled up with several giant p*nises, has been unveiled and the sight will stun you.

These are photos of a really unusual park which has raised several eyebrows.

The park, in South Korea, is called Haesindang Park and is unofficially known as “P*nis Park” .

The Park is located at the fishing port of Sinnam on the eastern coast of the country and its most noteworthy feature is that the park is essentially an elaborate celebration of the erect p*nis.

History has it that the park is dedicated to the memory of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on rock while he caught fish at sea sadly a storm came and she died.

Legend has it, after her death the villagers could no longer catch fish, so they built giant wooden penises to appease her spirit.

Strangely enough, the strategy worked, and the villagers were able to catch fish again and so they continued to erect more carvings in her honor.

See more photos below:

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