​Thursday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 404-405

Jyoti Tai coming out of washroom with face pack on his/her face. Premal says she is Jamuna. Kunal says Jyoti. Premal asks him to go. Sid talks to Raj and tells him that engagement ring in Roshni’s hand is bothering him and rues to get her back. DD tells Nani that there is no tantrik and black magic. She says they were fooling us and does this trick. She says I will prove that Roshni is my daughter and says Bansi have threatened us all these years. Bansi says you are thinking it right and takes jewellery out from her almari saying a mum should give to her daughter. DD is angry. Shabnam gets Roshni ready and says Kunal has planned this dinner date for you. She says I will apply mascara and steals her phone. Bansi tells Kunal not to do any mistake and says once he marries her then they will keep Roshni at their feet.

Jyoti drops tea on Kunal’s clothes intentionally. Roshni comes out and sneezes. Premal says it is very inauspicious thing and asks them not to go. Bansi asks them to go. Sid applies black tilak on her forehead. Roshni looks at him. Sid thinks he will ruin their dinner date and will prove that it was inauspicious. He talks to someone and asks him to do something. Just then he gets call from Roshni’s phone. He is about to pick call and sees Shabnam holding Roshni’s phone and gets alerted. Shabnam asks what she is hiding? Jyoti says my nail was broken while serving tea. Shabnam says okay and calls again. Sid switches off the phone and thinks this witch is very clever. Shabnam thinks this man might be Sid only.

Kunal and Roshni come to the restaurant. Raj and Bunty come indisguise of a goons and hold Roshni. Bunty takes out Kunal’s jacket and spoils his dress. Raj asks her to give gold. Roshni takes out her ring and gives to Raj. Kunal says it is our engagement ring and is angry. Raj and Bunty goes. Jyoti Tai comes to Premal’s room and tells that her father said that she will marry an astrologer. She says Kunal’s grah is bad and asks him to postpone the marriage. Premal doesn’t listen to her. Just then Kunal and Roshni returns home. Kunal tells that the goons have taken Roshni’s gold. Jyoti Tai says even engagement ring is taken away by goons and says it is very inauspicious thing. Premal says we have to postpone the wedding for a month. Bansi asks did you check the kundlis. Premal says yes and says he has checked. Bansi agrees.

Jyoti comes to Kunal’s room and says she brought milk for him. Kunal says I don’t want. Jyoti says your head might be paining and offers to massage his head. She says it seems God doesn’t want you both to unite. She says you have to make Roshni belief that you are made for her and she is made for you. Kunal asks how this will happen? Jyoti says Roshni believes on me and I will make her understand. Kunal is happy. Jyoti says I will massage your head. Kunal lie down on the bed. Sid thinks he will give him air tight massage and will take revenge for Roshni. Sid talks to Bunty and says he is joking infront of Roshni’s building secretly. He thinks Roshni will wake up and pulls the curtains. Just then Roshni wakes up and moves the curtains. She looks at him. Sid waves her hi……Roshni looks at him. Mere Rubaru plays…………….Sid thinks I will make Roshni realize that Kunal is not her husband. He says get ready to teach a lesson to Kunal.

The goons attacking Kunal and Roshni. Kunal rescues his life and hides leaving Roshni alone. Roshni shouts calling Kunal and asks goon to move back. Jyoti Tai/ Sid gets angry and beat the goons. Some mantras are being played while Jyoti/Sid beats the goons in Kamal Hasan’s Chachi 420 style. Roshni is highly impressed with her/him. Kunal looks on surprised from the hide out. The goon try to stab Roshni, but Jyoti holds his hand and beats the goon. The goon fled from there. Roshni gets concerned for Jyoti. Kunal comes and says I was just diverting their mind and asks where are the goons. Roshni looks at him angrily. The people gossip that husband is coming now after the fight is over. Jyoti says she feels dizzy seeing blood.

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