See What 2face Is Doing At Home After Dissociating Himself From Today’s Protest

Today’s ‘peaceful’ protest ought to have been led by 2Face in Lagos state, and if it had been, trust me, a larger amount of Nigerians would have marched to National Stadium, Surulere but the reverse is the case.

Though the Enough is Enough group still forged ahead and promised that the protest will go on with or without 2Face, but let’s face it, 2Face was the show!

2Face was the reason why Social Media was on fire after he started the campaign. There are two things 2Face could be doing right now;

1: He is either just sitting with his beautiful family, going through social media and live feeds to monitor what’s going on with the protest. Hoping, just hoping he still spearheaded this movement.

2: He is just chilling, unbothered as truth be told, just maybe, maybe it was all a joke to him. Maybe he just wanted publicity for whatever reason he needed it for. But one thing is certain, his brand will be affected and he certainly has lost some fans after his dissociation from the protest because we live in a county where actions are not easily forgotten, regardless of how one apologises.

Anyway, to all those protesting today, good luck and remember, it is a peaceful protest. Do not engage in violence of any type or form.

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