[STORY]​ 18+ Title: It was Ada – Episode 5


Amen, Amen, Amen I affirmed with immense faith. The encounter had made me repentant. The morning prayers were indeed refreshing, I felt like a new type of christian. I imagined it was me who John de baptist immersed in that water and the voice of God calling me his son.

I no longer thought of the world as my home. In fact, to even get horny or look at Ada again meant Adultery to me. I locked myself up in the room and had an austere time of prayer and piety.


They say you only remember God when sorrows come. Whichever group of people that said that may have met Ada first hand.

Before noon, I told my Aunt that I was about to go out. The idea wasn’t truly welcoming. I remember when she said; ‘you go out when others decide to stay indoor’. I left anyway. I scoured the streets for any religious place I could find. It was during this little tour that it all started coming back to me. Edo state; Land of voodoo. No wonder Oshomole’s face is like that. This is my third day here and it’s been barely two days when I had my first supernatural encounter.

One strange thing about the streets was the nature of their compounds. You are likely to see a well built Mansion without a fence in Edo state. There was something about each compound; a feeling, a consciousness that trying to trespass may unite you with your maker. I was still analysing the area when I came upon a fenced house. It seemed like a church. Edo people have a deep sense of Irony; while the people built houses without fences and fear of tresspassers, the churches raised buildings with fences to protect themself from the people. Moreso, Unlike Cross River State where we have Police Men patroling the streets, Edo people have an admirable aura of decorum. No policemen, No robbers, No traffic lights. They know when to stop even without traffic light. Their Voodoo rader can detect heavy duty trucks coming from cities away. Such orderliness must be caused by some supernatural effect. Enough talk, I came to the conclusion that the fenced building is a church when I heard lots of ‘Amen’ coming from the compound. I decided to enter, “exorcise this Incubus I must” (in master Yoda’s voice).


Nothing out of the usual happened in the church, Just paranoid folks affirming what already is. I left before dismissal. I returned home around 6 pm that day, just in time for dinner. It was a “sit around the table” sort of dinner setting. Fate had arranged us in a way that Ada sat facing me and I her. Two things were bound to happen; that my face will face my food and if I should raise my big head up, I will have to face Ada. It was a conundrum wasn’t it? Which will I face? The food or Ada?

Stop tormenting me you Evil Spirit; said the voice in my head almost Audibly. Ada was beginning to torment me again. I’ll raise my head up only to meet with here ever staring eyes. I had had enough, no more food, no more torment, no more


I went back to my room without fulfilling the custom and tradition of every African home; the “aunty thank you” our Parents taught us since Infancy. As the Day grew darker my courage grew fainter. I couldn’t bear to have another Ada episode that night. I laid there eyes open, denying sleep up until 12am. Then I decided to approach my fears since it was too shy to compass me. I grabbed the door knob half shaky with sweaty palms, I took a deep breath and pulled the door open. I moved with great carefulness to Ada’s room. Like in the times before, I entered without making a sound. She laid there on the bed in the most seductive manner. She laid on the bed belly-down, with a straight leg and another curved. Her right ass down and the other tilted to an angle. I assessed the nymphic figure lying on the bed and the manner with which she laid sent shock waves to my ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

Enough already, I won’t make the same mistake twice. I Journeyed down to hell to confront the devil not make love to her. I sat at the bed and patted her back. She woke up rather in shock. The room was lit so she could see me clearly. What! She exclaimed. After much swallowing of spit I summed up enough courage to say: “I want us to continue where we stopped”. Stop? How? What do you mean by that? She said with the most convincing shock on her face. I was confused. Oh come on Ada… we were in the manner of Adam and Eve yesternight remember? I asked half wittingly.

What? What are you talking about? Ada raised her voice in a bit to get clarity. Then it dawned on me…

It wasn’t Ada the other night, the house must’ve been haunted. It wasn’t her, it wasn’t Ada



To be continued…

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