Update : Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 251-252)

Siddharth gets food for Roshni and is going to feed her when Misha intrudes on him and pushes the plate of from his hand. Not able bear this outrageous conduct of Misha, Siddharth yells at her and requests her to leave the room. The following day, amid the court hearing, the lawyer, who is fighting against Kritika, handovers another pair of earrings which he cases to have been found from Shiv’s body. On matching the two earrings, the judge arrives at a conclusion that Kritika can’t receive bail.

Roshni achieves Siddharth’s home and is trailed by her bodyguards. She requests that her bodyguards hold up while she gets Siddharth out. Roshni gets to Siddharth’s room requesting that he prepare and leave the court. Just before Siddharth and Roshni could leave the room, Misha mediates them and locks the door from outside. She takes the door key and tells Siddharth that the door key will be traded for a kiss. 

Will Siddharth kiss Misha within the sight of Roshni? Share your views while we wait on…. 

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